Consultancy services are offered for investment and net working capital financing needs of industrial and services companies. IPF provides consultancy services in the form of preparing feasibility studies and business plans for projects, evaluating credit-worthiness, and doing research to identify institutions that are capable of providing credits and potential investors who would be able to supply capital.
In addition to transforming innovative projects into financial tables, evaluating project efficiency and feasibility, looking for alternative finance resources , IPF also provides services –on a need-to basis – in appraisal of company assets such as real property and machinery/equipment in cooperation with their network of solution providers…
Project Valuation and Feasibility Studies.
Preparation and development support to projects with our expert team

IPFadvises its clients on the procurement of equity capital and debt capital. In our role as an independent consultancy, we do not provide financing ourselves. We do, however, identify and realize the most attractive financing offer for our clients

Due to our long-standing and broad connections to financial institutions, private equity and family offices, we are able to choose the most appropriate partner and structure a financial concept, which is customized to meet the company’s specific requirements.

During acquisition projects we help to select the most appropriate financial institution, to work out the financial planning and to conduct negotiations with banks. Moreover, we accompany companies during all phases of an initial public offering. We not only prepare the fact book and the concept of the equity story, we also organize, in particular, the process of selecting the banks in the issuing consortium and negotiate the consortium agreement.