Debt restructuring practice of IPF includes acting as a debt restructuring advisor to the debtors as well as the lenders in relation to the purchase of distressed debt, providing advice on fresh money raising, establishing negotiation plans and strategies with the lenders, advising on complex financial structures such as securitization.

Turnaround financing targets companies with poor performance histories that may experience a positive reversal thanks to strong management, better costs structure including financing costs or changing market environment.
IPF takes the lead in the financing of illiquid and provides cash injections in the form of either debt, quasi-equity or equity. Each project is analyzed based on its own merits and projects are undertaken if it fits the financial markets.

• Strategic Planning and Execution of Debt Restructuring
• Negotiations with creditors
• Liasing with Banks and other Financial Solutions
• Arranging Alternative Finance Solutions

• The fundamental struggle for change, particularly in over-leveraged situations, has the potential of creating and escalating crisis situations. We offer careful guidance of change to companies who are under-performing, or are already in crisis, or are healthy but with underperforming divisions.
• Reform corporate pioneered some of the most effective solutions for countering the financial and operational hazards endangering a company’s health and viability, solutions such as appointing Chief Restructuring Officers.
• Working directly with company management, we help to stabilize financial and operational performance by developing and implementing comprehensive plans for re-gaining profitability and positive cash flow. Our involvement reassures creditors that the company is taking important steps to address its problems and to optimize its value.
• During a restructuring, we work in every capacity which best meets client needs. Whether advising on specific aspects of the turnaround process or stepping in as managers responsible for developing and implementing the turnaround plan; our team provides the necessary expertise and leadership for achieving results.
• Align costs with declining revenues or margins by developing cost reduction initiatives
• Generate liquidity from the balance sheet
• Generate liquidity through effective cash management by implementing cash conservation guidelines and controls
• Implement an operational restructuring, rationalize operations, facilities, product lines and customer groups
• Develop employee incentive plans
• Identify and dispose non-core assets
• Coordinate the needs and demands of clients’ constituencies
• Serve in interim leadership roles, including Chief Restructuring Officer
• Develop a feasible business plan and reposition the capital structure
• Resolve core business issues that helped create the crisis situation
• Identify and manage risks during times of increased vulnerability
• Manage creditor communication and negotiation processes