Private Equity companies generally provide equity capital to enterprises not quoted on a stock market. Private Equity can be used to develop new products and technologies, to expand working capital, to make acquisitions, or to strengthen companies, or the buy-out or buy-in of a business by experienced managers may be achieved using private equity.

IPF has an expertise in the process of selling companies to private investors, financial buyers and private equity companies.

IPF has a network of financial institutions and private investors, which seek investments in middle-market companies.

Private Equity can be a very attractive alternative to raising capital in the public markets since they can be completed in less time, for less money and often with greater predictability.

We support ambitious an entrepreneurial management teams in building businesses, both organically and through acquisitions, to create value. Our multi-award winning team’s broad ranging experience in industry and investing makes us best placed to get deals done, working with vendors directly and with management teams.
For vendors and their advisors, our commercial experience and approach helps us meet their needs in the case of straightforward IBOs as well as difficult situations, including turnarounds and restructurings. We are also the ideal partner for management teams, providing advice, support and guidance to maximise the performance of portfolio businesses.

A sound equity base is a prerequisite for a company to achieve its expansion targets or to adopt itself to the constantly changing business conditions. While internal financing resources can be used to a certain extent, companies also require external financing.
Through our active-ownership approach and provision of expansion capital, we help build strong and enduring businesses.

Led by seasoned professionals with operational, strategic and financial expertise, the Private Equity team works closely with portfolio companies to create shareholder value. The team’s extensive exposure to regional and international markets provides a broad perspective for solving complex business issues.

Our teams’ breadth of experience and unique skill set help create long-term value for current and prospective investors.

• Assessing the total need for financing
• Reviewing of the viability of the business plan
• Approaching appropriate candidates among private equity funds, business angels etc..